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At UpMetrics, we partner with youth and community impact organizations to help them tell their story.

Our tools and services

UpMetrics provides the best tools and services for programs to analyze, interpret, and use their data to make better decisions, build capacity, and increase access to funding opportunities.

Data analytics and visualization

The UpMetrics platform allows organization administrators to understand engagement data. Get a high-level view of your program with analytics dashboards, and filter data by demographics, role, gender, or socioeconomic status.

Premium data correlation and impact reporting

UpMetrics partners with your organization to co-create a strategic approach to data correlation. Evaluating key metrics tied to organizational outcomes allows you to build capacity internally and more effectively tell your story.

Correlate engagement with academic performance SEL, health, or partner with us to customize reports to meet the needs of your organization.

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We partner with a variety of youth and community organizations serving participants all over the world

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